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Retail Products

In our retail shop we sell a variety of plant material and related items. Below is a list of current stock. However, there are always a few products that we don't carry. Those are listed as well.


Climbing Vines
Vegetable Plants
Hanging Baskets
Hanging Bags
Tomato Cages
Glazed Pottery


Landscape Rocks/Stones
Landscape Cloth
Pond Liners
Pond Chemicals
Koi and Other Fish
Patio Furniture

Anise - Licorice taste, use in salads, seeds are used in baking
Arugula - Sharp peppery flavor, saute' in olive oil and toss with pasta
Basil - Peppery flavor, use in pesto, tomato dishes, soups, salads and as a spice
Borage - Cucumber flavor, good in salads, sandwiches, flavored butters, cream cheese, vegetable soups and mulled wines
Burnet - Used in salads, seafood, flavored vinegars and cold soups
Caraway - Use in any dish where parsley is used. Seeds are used in breads, sausages and pork
Catmint - Excellent insect repellent. Bouquets can be used to keep away household pests
Catnip - Used in teas, attracts and satisfies your favorite cat
Chamomile - Dried flowers are used in tea to settle stomach. Also used in Potpourri
Chervil - Good on poached fish, cream soups, eggs, chicken, butters, cream cheeses and salads
Chives - Flowers can be used in salads. Everybody knows how good they are on baked potatos!
Cilantro (Coriander) - Use the leaves in soups, stews, curries, salsa and tomato sauces. The seeds (coriander) can be used in pickles, chutneys and with meat and poultry.
Dill - Flavor cream or cottage cheese, eggs, seafood, mustard sauces and potato salads. The seeds can be baked into breads, used in vegetable dishes and meat stews.
Eucalyptus - Dry the braches for use in dried flower arrangements.
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Also a good pest repellent.
Fennel - Use the leaves on seafood, mayonaise, sauces, stuffing and soups. The bulb of the plant can be marinated and grilled.
Germainder - Use in sachets
Horehound - Place leaves in pot of hot water and use as a menthol steam treatment.
Hyssop - Use with goat or cottage cheese, butters, dips and salsa. Dries leaves are used in soups, and stews.
Lavender - Great for sachets, bouquets and tea infusions.
Lemon Balm - Use on eggs, infuse milk for custards, salads ans soup.
Lemon Verbena - Strong lemon fragrance. Use in sachets, fruit drinks, fruit salads and custard sauces.
Lovage - Good in soups, salads, stuffing, stews and meat dishes.
Marjoram - Used in sausages, meats, butters and tomato dishes.
Mesclun Mix - Cut greens for salads ans sandwiches.
Mints - All can be used in teas, soups, salads, juleps and jellies.
Nasturtium - Flowers are used in salads, risotto. Leaves have a spicy cabbage flavor.
Oregano - Used in tomato sauce, pizza, salad dressings, soups and seafood.
Parsley - Put on eggs, salads, soups, rice, pasta, sauces and use as a garnish.
Pennyroyal - Acts as a naturalinsect repellent, also use in sachets
Rhubarb - Use in pies, sauces, jellies and salads, IMPORTANT!! ONLY USE STALKS!!!!
Rosemary - Great on lamb, pork, chicken, tomato sauce, breads and jellies.
Rue - Good for use in dried arrangements and sachets
Sage - Use with poultry, stews, eggs, pork, sausages, risotto and tomato based sauces
Santolina - Use in sachets, works well to repell moths.
Savory - Use with vegetables, poultry and fish
Sorrel - Good for mixed green salads, sandwiches, soups, pork and poultry
Tansy - Chopped, use sparingly in salads, eggs or ground meat
Tarragon - Main ingredient in bernaise sauce. Use in omelets, poached fish, chicken and mustard sauces.
Thyme - Good in slow cooked dishes like stews and soups. Also roasted poultry, meats
Watercress - Great in cream based soups, butters, meat and fish

Information about Invasive Plants

Recently, there have been articles in gardening newsletters and periodicles about invasive plants. Some articles seem to portray these plants as dangerous and that they will take over everything.

In our area, near Buffalo, NY, we are predominantly zones 5 & 6. Many of the plants named as invasive will not survive the winter, and are actually annuals (1 years' growth, then die).

Yes, some perennial groundcovers can be prolific, but that is what we sometimes need in certain areas. Things that grow fast, choke out weeds, and that may be mowed to keep in hand, are perfectly acceptable. This is where advice from your local greenhouse operator or grower is invaluable. The key is putting the right plant in the right place. Ask us for help or advice, and we will pass on some pointers or ideas to make your gardening experience an enjoyable one.


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