Invasive PlantsRecently, there have been articles in gardening newsletters and periodicles about invasive plants. Some articles seem to portray these plants as dangerous and that they will take over everything.

In our area, near Buffalo, NY, we are predominantly zones 5 & 6. Many of the plants named as invasive will not survive the winter, and are actually annuals (1 years' growth, then die).

Yes, some perennial groundcovers can be prolific, but that is what we sometimes need in certain areas. Things that grow fast, choke out weeds, and that may be mowed to keep in hand, are perfectly acceptable. This is where advice from your local greenhouse operator or grower is invaluable. The key is putting the right plant in the right place. Ask us for help or advice, and we will pass on some pointers or ideas to make your gardening experience an enjoyable one.

See NYS Prohibited and Regulated Invasive Plants List